August 31, 2013

August 27, 2013

Lemon Meringue Pie Cookies

Sometimes when I’m looking for recipe inspiration, I like to make things into other things.  Confused yet?

August 22, 2013

A Kitchen Scale and Other Things

Hey guys!  Things are crazy around here!  It feels like every weekend is full to the brim with events.  Mostly because one of my favourite people is getting MARRIED soon!  There might be an inappropriate dessert in the works for a bachelorette party.  I will not be posting this... But I bought a dress for the wedding!  (Ignore my weird legs)

August 15, 2013

My Favourite Mushrooms

Sometimes the recipes that I post on this blog come to me in a flash of inspiration.  Roasted strawberries and coconut, yes!  Sometimes, they are developed from necessity, like needing to get rid of overripe bananas.  But sometimes, there’s something that I make so often, that I decide it’s cheating if I don’t share.

August 11, 2013

Personal Sangria (Red or Pink)

I was originally going to call this post “Sangria for One”, but people told me that sounded really sad.  Doesn’t that say a lot about the way we think?  It seems that being alone is synonymous with being lonely, but that’s just not true.

August 06, 2013

Plum Clafoutis

Time seems to go by so fast.  One minute we’re grabbing at the first strawberries of the season, the next we’re knee deep in stone fruit.  Too soon apples and pumpkins will make their way into our recipes.  We have to make the most of everything while we can.  Fruit is a good metaphor for life.