March 26, 2016

Easter Babka (Polish Yeast Cake)

I never really noticed a lot of our family traditions until after I moved away.  It’s only when you’re on your own, celebrating a holiday, that you start thinking “we always used to [insert tradition here]”. 

This year we didn’t go home for Easter.  It just happens to fall right before every single grant is due.  So I found myself remembering all the traditions and trying to re-create them for our own little two-person family. 

On Good Friday we had potatoes boiled in their skins for dinner.  And this morning, before Easter mass, we’re having Easter babka. 

March 06, 2016

Snack Attack: Two-Ingredient Thin Mints

I never remember when girl-guide cookie season is, but I do know I can easily polish off a box of thin mints in one sitting.  

Well, now, girl-guide cookie season can be whenever you want it!  And all it takes is two ingredients: