June 28, 2015

Cookie Crumbs /4

Went to Round 5 of the Dillon’s Cocktail cup at the Home of the Brave.  Alex James won people’s choice with his “A Hip Hop, A Rhubarb Delight” while Tyler Newsome won the judges over with his “Cinnamon Toast Punch”.  Stay tuned for my recreation of a different cocktail that Alex made for us that night!
Also, the buffalo cauliflower at the Home of the Brave is amazing.  Probably gonna toss some roasted cauliflower with buffalo sauce tonight and eat with ranch dip.  Dinner win!

I made gin and tonic popsicles and you should too!

Our cilantro has gone out of control and started growing flowers.  Apparently this happens when the weather gets too hot.  Guess the cilantro is feeling something that I haven’t yet this summer. 

Made this cake from Sweetapolita except with strawberries for a friend’s birthday.  I’ve made it before, so I knew it would be good.  Used strawberries and dahlias from our balcony garden to make a simple topper.  It was a hit!

Definitely going to check out Magic Mike XXL with the girls in the lab.  This skit with Channing Tatum from Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.  

On Friday, a couple of girls and I went to the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies event at The Monarch Tavern.  My fave was probably the Belgian IPA from Indie Ale House.  Surprise surprise, it was very bitter.    

Made these strazzate cookies for an Italian afternoon get-together.  I loved how complex their flavour was, with a moist inside and a chewy outside.  It always amazes me how regional the food in Italy is.  Despite there being 4 Italians there, no one had ever heard of these cookies! 

On any given day, chances are I’m singing this song in my head.  

And that’s the way the cookie crumbled this week!  Have a great Sunday!

June 25, 2015

Gin And Tonic Popsicles

I love popsicles.  I can pretty much eat one of those boxes of 30, No Name, orange, purple, and pink popsicles in a couple of days.  I have perfected the art of breaking them in half without breaking off the top. 

June 15, 2015

Hawaiian Julep

This one has been a while coming.  I wish I had a good excuse for why I’ve been away for so long, but to be perfectly honest, I just haven’t been feeling motivated for much lately.