January 28, 2014

Queso Fundido

As you may have heard me mention before, the Superbowl is pretty much the only football game I watch all year, and “watch” is a term I use loosely.  This year though, I was a little more in the know, because I saw this hilarious ad about which team I should cheer for. 

January 26, 2014

Maple Rum Walnut Ice Cream And Two Years Blogging

Two years ago today, I decided to carve out a space for myself on the internet.  However small, it was a place where I could share my passion for baking, my highs and lows as a PhD student, and any other thoughts that happened to be littering my mind at the moment.  

January 16, 2014

Butterscotch Buttermilk Cake With Mascarpone Frosting

I’m very bad at estimating things.  Numbers, age, weight.  Don’t ask me to guess how old you are, you’ll probably be offended.  This rarely poses a real problem until you end up buying 2 kg of butterscotch chips. 

I didn’t THINK it was 2 kg. 

January 09, 2014

Caramel Sea Salt Pudding

Just in case you’re sick of all the salads, and soups, and overall greenery that’s invaded Pinterest and the internet since January, here’s some pudding.

I didn’t think I liked pudding.  I was wrong.


January 05, 2014

Where Do We Go From Here?

I love the new year.  Even if my life isn’t changing drastically, I always feel like the new year is a clean slate.  The beginning of the year gives us an opportunity to assess ourselves and our lives that we don’t often give ourselves otherwise. 

So I spent a little time thinking about what I want from this year and this is what I came up with.