March 26, 2016

Easter Babka (Polish Yeast Cake)

I never really noticed a lot of our family traditions until after I moved away.  It’s only when you’re on your own, celebrating a holiday, that you start thinking “we always used to [insert tradition here]”. 

This year we didn’t go home for Easter.  It just happens to fall right before every single grant is due.  So I found myself remembering all the traditions and trying to re-create them for our own little two-person family. 

On Good Friday we had potatoes boiled in their skins for dinner.  And this morning, before Easter mass, we’re having Easter babka. 

March 06, 2016

Snack Attack: Two-Ingredient Thin Mints

I never remember when girl-guide cookie season is, but I do know I can easily polish off a box of thin mints in one sitting.  

Well, now, girl-guide cookie season can be whenever you want it!  And all it takes is two ingredients:

February 06, 2016

Five Minute Chocolate Cake (With Two Ingredient Chocolate Frosting)

I love this cake recipe.  It has so many things going for it.  First of all, if you use a kitchen scale, you can avoid all measuring cups.  Second, it only uses one bowl and one whisk.  

And of course, it’s fast.  So fast that you might be done making it before the oven is done preheating. 

January 17, 2016

Chocolate Stout Caramel Sauce

The Holidays are over and we’re back plodding through seemingly never ending weeks of work.  Maybe you’re lucky enough to be going on a tropical vacation soon, but the rest of us Canadians have no warmth in sight.  It’s time for comfort in a major way.

December 17, 2015

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

Once again I am making excuses for not posting in so long.  But I swear this time I have a really good one!  Three days ago I successfully completed by PhD defense!  If that’s not an excuse for being M.I.A. then I don’t know what is.