July 13, 2015

Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Pie (With Candied Pistachios)

We were getting strawberries and rhubarb in our veggie bag again this week.  Last time I had made a strawberry rhubarb crumble pie for our camping trip.  Everyone loved it!  I was going to make another one of the same, but if you’ve learned anything through this blog, I don’t usually like doing that.  And then Alex found this blog post from Bellwoods brewery.  They had a new dessert on their menu to pair with their Omerta beer: a strawberry rhubarb shortcake with cardamom-scented pastry cream and candied pistachios.  

That sounded so so good.  

July 09, 2015

How To: Always Get The Cake Out Of The Pan

I bake a lot (in case you haven’t noticed), so sometimes I take some things that I know how to do for granted.  A while ago, I had a friend tell me that she hated baking cakes because they always stuck to the bottom of the pan.  I was shocked.  I actually didn’t realize this was a problem for people! 

But if I think back, I used to have this problem too.  At some point between countless cakes, I learned a foolproof method for getting them not to stick, and then I forgot about everything else.

Today, I’m sharing my secret (not so secret) with you.  Because no one should ever be afraid to make a cake! 

July 05, 2015

Crema (Ri) Cotta

One of the things I love about living in Toronto is the number of great places to eat.  Alex and I have an ongoing list of restaurants that we want to try and it just keeps getting longer.  It seems that for every place we visit, two more come up.  And that doesn’t even include the places that we go off-list that turn out to be amazing.  Let’s just say everyone should go get a cubano sandwich from La Cubana on Ossington.