August 22, 2013

A Kitchen Scale and Other Things

Hey guys!  Things are crazy around here!  It feels like every weekend is full to the brim with events.  Mostly because one of my favourite people is getting MARRIED soon!  There might be an inappropriate dessert in the works for a bachelorette party.  I will not be posting this... But I bought a dress for the wedding!  (Ignore my weird legs)

Last weekend I visited one of my best friends in Kingston.  She made me amazing Indian food and I made a peach blueberry crisp that I really should post the recipe for since I’ve made it three times already.  It’s seriously good.  We also went for a run together, and let me tell you, getting back into running after not running since May is not pretty, but it feels good.  The 5 hour bus ride back did not. 

I also took on a cookie project this week which involved shipping some decorated sugar cookies to Ottawa.  Cookies are definitely not my thing so they took a lot of time and plenty of frustration. 

I also started writing again; non-blog related writing that is.  I used to write a lot when I was younger and it’s exciting to see the words flowing onto the (computer) page again. 

Not the mention the usual gym, yoga, work, run, work, work, cook, eat (in no particular order), that is the wonderful everyday. 


All this to say I haven’t posted in a while. 

So I leave you with this thought: get a kitchen scale!  They are relatively cheap and if a recipe gives you weights, it’s really amazing.  No measuring cups.  Just tare (zero) the scale between each ingredient.  Especially nice for messy ingredients like sour cream or molasses. 

Also great for pouring out even cake layers.  I use mine all the time!  You’ll be addicted before long. 

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