December 31, 2013

White Cranberry Cocktails (Here's To 2013!)

Well 2013, we’ve had a good run.  You gave me my first PhD publication, my first photos accepted to Tastespotting and Foodgawker.  You gave me trips to New Zealand, Boston, Strasbourg, San Diego, camping trips with friends.  You gave me rainy days and sunny days, happy days and sad days. 

I made cocktails, and salads, and cookies, cookies, cookies.  I expanded this space in which I get to share my thoughts and recipes with you. 

Here’s a nostalgic look back at the top 10 of 2013 (as tabulated by my Google Analytics account):
10. Cherry vanilla scones from March 30
9. Pineapple sorbet from July 31
8. Chocolate dipped pretzels from April 13
7. Cinnamon brown sugar scones from August 17
6. Biscuit sticky buns from April 8
5. Brownie Oreo chocolate chip cookie cupcakes from February 25
4. Not deep fried dill pickles from June 16
3. Roasted strawberry toasted coconut almond cookies from July 1
2. Spicy broad beans baked and fried from April 22
1. Raw “brownies” or the best healthy snack bar from April 28

I am thrilled beyond words that some of my posts have thousands of views!  This calls for a celebration, so I made these cocktails to toast to you and to the end of a great year. 

The gin-based cocktail is for the more experienced cocktail drinker while the sparkling wine cocktail is for those that prefer something sweeter.  I like them both.  Both pair the acidity of white cranberry juice with the floral sweetness of elderflower liqueur, but the first combines these with the juniper notes of gin, while the second livens the mix with the bubbles of a sparkling wine. 

I like how the white cranberry leaves the cocktails almost colourless, allowing the fresh cranberry garnish to pop. 

So drink with me to 2013 and to (hopefully) an even better year ahead!

White Cranberry Gin cocktail

1 1/2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. elderflower liqueur
1 oz. white cranberry juice
Fresh cranberries, for garnish

Stir (not shake!) all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice until thoroughly chilled.  Strain into martini glass.  Garnish with fresh cranberries.

Sparkling White Cranberry

1/2 oz. elderflower liqueur
1 oz. white cranberry juice
Sparkling wine
Fresh cranberries, for garnish

Combine elderflower liqueur and cranberry juice in a champagne flute or other cocktail glass. Top with chilled sparkling wine.  Garnish with fresh cranberries.

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