February 13, 2013

V-day Love

It's almost Valentine's day again!  To be honest, hubby and I haven't really gone all out for Valentine's day in a long time.  This is not because we don't love each other, but rather because we show our love everyday through the little things.  Sooo cheesy, I know, but true.  

Also because I make enough sweets that a box of chocolates is just overkill and I'm not very good at taking care of flowers.  I don't even really have a vase... 

Also because between work and all our various extra-curriculars, weeknights just aren't long enough!

The point is: anything can be a good Valentine's gift/celebration if it's something you know the other person will love.  That's enough preaching for me   Hopefully you can find some inspiration here!

I love the idea of Valentine's Day being just that: a whole day.  Why not start right in the morning with a heart-shaped cinnamon bun?  Don't have time to make a yeast dough?  No worries, just use a biscuit based cinnamon bun recipe and do the same thing! 

But V-day doesn't always have to be about sweets.  Why not gift a beautiful mini-loaf of bread with some heart shaped butter pats inspired by the love of Paul and Julia Child?.  

Or be completely heartless and inspired by Bright Nest's heart-free Valentine's day deco.  

I wish I had enough time in the day to try Sweetapolita's luxury boxed mini-cakes.  Or stay healthy and do something cute and green.  But really, I just wish for a quiet night in with a good dinner, a good bottle of wine, and maybe a giant cookie...



  1. Hahaha you are hilarious. Drinking glasses make for totally legit vases! And I love all your V-day ideas--THE BOXED MINI CAKES! I die.

  2. Thanks Erika, not sure I've ever been called hilarious before :)