February 09, 2013

Malted Dark Chocolate Mocha

So this was my walk home yesterday...

It started snowing Thursday night and it didn't stop until late Friday.  Going to work was a journey and an adventure. Snow flying in your face, toes getting wet through shoes, and so much slipping and sliding.  And although the worst of it is over for us, the Eastern US is getting pummeled as we speak.  

When this much snow happens, it's nice to think about warm things:

A warm blanket.

A warm hug.

And a warm mug of something.  Even better if that mug should involve chocolate, coffee... AND malted milk powder.  

 Dark, rich chocolate is combined with cool, frothy milk and is melted with...

Cocoa powder, brown sugar, malted milk powder, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt.  Brown sugar gives it a mellower sweetness than white sugar would and the salt brings out the flavour of the chocolate.

 All this goodness is brought to a boil and then poured on top of a strong espresso.

Don't forget the softly whipped cream on top for the full decadent experience, and just to feel fancy, let's sprinkle this with some more cocoa powder.  

If you aren't a caffeine lover (we can still be friends...) feel free to omit the coffee.  

If you're feeling even fancier, shave some chocolate curls on top! 

If you wanted to use milk chocolate or white chocolate instead, I wouldn't stop you.  Just be aware that it will be sweeter so you may want to adjust the amount of sugar. 

Malted Dark Chocolate Mocha
Makes enough for 2 mugs.

2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tbsp brown sugar
4 tbsp malted milk powder (such as Horlicks or Ovaltine)
30g dark chocolate broken into small pieces
1/4 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt   
2 cups milk

2 of your favorite espresso shots

Whipped cream

Combine milk (I used a combination of 1% and 3% because that's what I had, but use whatever milk you like.  The higher the percentage, the creamier and more decadent this will be) with all other ingredients in a medium saucepan and whisk to combine.   

Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly, and boil for 30 seconds until the mixture thickens slightly (this will be more noticeable if you used higher fat milk).  

Pour into mugs with espresso shots.

Garnish with a dollop of softly whipped cream and sprinkle with more cocoa powder.

Stay warm friends!   

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