January 20, 2017

Vietnamese Coffee

Last year, for my 30th birthday, we went to a resort in Vietnam. It was a simple time. Wake up to the sun rising over the ocean. Do some yoga. Watch the crabs on the beach and then swim in said ocean. Shower and head over for breakfast.

At breakfast, Alex would eat all the savoury Vietnamese food his heart desired and I would load up on fruit. But there was one thing we both had every morning: Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. That and mimosas…

The coffee is strong and the condensed milk is sweet. Together they make a perfect drink. 

The little Vietnamese, mug-top coffee filter was a small investment that was totally worth it. After we got home, we relived the glorious ocean-front days through this drink. 

Now you can too!

Vietnamese Coffee

1.5 tbsp medium-fine grind coffee
2 tsp condensed milk
Boiled water

Pour condensed milk into the bottom of your glass/mug. Press ground coffee into Vietnamese coffee filter and leave tamper there. Pour a little just-boiled water onto coffee to “bloom” it (wet it thoroughly). Pour water up to top of filter and let drip through. You want a flow rate of 3-4 drops per second. The whole process should take 4-5 minutes. Stir thoroughly. Drink!

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