February 13, 2015

Hinterland Ancestral 2014

Looking for a bubbly to drink on Valentine’s day?  The answer is Hinterland Ancestral. 

It shocked me as it came out of the bottle.  Is it really that pink?  It even smelled pink as I brought the glass up to my face, the bubbles tickling my nose.  It smells like a field full of ripe strawberries, warmed by the summer sun.  

The initial impression is a tart bite on the tongue with small lively bubbles, but it soon opens up with sweet berry and sour cherry flavours.  The finish is long and tart, reminiscent of a ripe pineapple. 

Yes, it’s electric pink, but it’s not at all tacky.  It just says “love” really really loudly.
I wish this post was sponsored by Hinterland, but alas, these are just my humble opinions. To purchase your own bottle of Ancestral or other Hinterland sparkling wines, visit  

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