September 26, 2014

Cookie Crumbs /3

Photo credits: Shoeless Joe from Smart Cookie.  Flat white from M Square personal photo.  Rustic wedding invitation from FlairNecessities.

We’ve been having such wonderful weather lately that this doesn’t seem that relevant, but scarf weather is coming and I need to know how to do something other than wrap it around twice.
Saw the Book of Mormon this week and it was awesome!
Last weekend we checked out a newly opened coffee shop near our place.  It was so new they were still doing construction on it!  But the flat white they served was delicious. 

We also braved the mall crowds and were rewarded by onesies at The Drake General Store.  Everything they have is so cool!  We also purchased these amazing fox and pineapple glasses there.
Recently started watching True Detective after a friend mentioned it could compete with Breaking Bad for best series of all time.  It does not disappoint. 

We have an ongoing list of restaurants we want to go to.  Planning on crossing a couple off today.  Rasa, Thoroughbred, and Barhop are on the list.
My recent obsession: lined envelopes.  Looking to make some for my dinner party invitations.  

And that's the way the cookie crumbled this week.  Have a delicious weekend!

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