September 19, 2014

Cookie Crumbs /2

Photo credits: Cinder cones at Haleakala by Rob DeCamp via FineArtAmerica. Late Summer Wedding Flowers via Snippet and Ink.  Romantic Jungle via Smart Cookie

Going to Hawaii for a cousin’s wedding in April.  Having a really hard time deciding where to go after!  Mount Haleakala is on the list for sure.

Who knew the world of fonts was so huge?!  I’m learning that a good font can make all the difference.  This website lets you search for fonts similar to other fonts which is key when you have no idea what to search for.

Had a great time at An Italian Affair hosted by Dillon’s gin at Campagnolo.  Most memorable though was the peach shrub and bourbon taster we got at the end of the night.  Will be playing around with some shrubs of my own this weekend.
Making this blackberry mascarpone cake from Sweetapolita for my friend’s birthday tomorrow.   I made it once before, but going for a simple autumn vibe on the decorations this time.  Been pinning some ideas.
They just opened a Denny’s next door.  Why can’t it be like this one in New York?

Working overtime on little sleep makes me wear my glasses more often.  The proper makeup is key.
Planning my next dinner party.  Gives me something to look forward to after this overload of work stress.  Loving this colour palette for it.
Dinner tonight: squash, mushroom, and smoked turkey pot pie with mashed potatoes. 

And that’s the way the cookie crumbled this week.  Have a fantabulous weekend!

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