November 28, 2013

Sunny San Diego

As I walked home in the snow, the cold wind slapping at my face and my breath coming out in clouds, I dreamed of the beaches and palm trees of San Diego again. 

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine November weather could be like this.  Not a cloud in the blue blue sky.

The strawberries were out of this world as were the portion sizes.  I ate half of these pancakes.  The other half made a great midnight snack. 

On my birthday, we took a ferry to Coronado Island and walked to the open ocean.  The water was freezing, but I let the waves crash into me because the beach was oh so warm. 

Take that 27th birthday!

Planes kept flying overhead to the nearby Air Force Base.  Afterwards we walked to Ballast Point Brewery and sampled more than a few of their craft beers. 


The next day we took a trip to the zoo.  Giraffes are my favourite!

This guy was clearly posing.

And these guys give new meaning to “my humps”. 

Can you spot the animal in this pic?

I feel like he’s looking right at us.

From the zoo we checked out Carnitas Snack Shack.  I had the triple pork sandwich with pulled pork, bacon, and schnitzel!  Oh man this was good.  Alex had the pork belly hash burrito which I did take some major bites from.

Then we accidentally walked back to the hotel, over 10km.  But it was ok because we got to experience this view (and we stopped for ice cream halfway). 

The next morning, I voluntarily got up early to make it to Donut Bar before they sold out (which is usually by 10:30!).  These donuts were amazing.  Especially the salted caramel one and the cronut with Bavarian cream.  Not to mention that some of them were AS BIG AS MY HEAD.  Well worth the early morning. 

Thanks San Diego for the great food and sunny skies.  California, I will be back!

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